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Series : Frontiers in Nanobiomedical Research

The World Scientific Encyclopedia of Nanomedicine and Bioengineering II
生体インプラント、再生医療、ナノがん診断と光線療法 全3巻

Bioimplants, Regenerative Medicine, and Nono-Cancer Diagnosis and Phototherapy - Synthesis and Biomedical Applications of Graphene Quantum Dots, Advan

The World Scientific Encyclopedia of Nanomedicine and Bioengineering II 生体インプラント、再生医療、ナノがん診断と光線療法 全3巻
Chu, Maoquan (EDT)/ Xia, Wei (EDT)/ Chang, Jiang (EDT) 
World Scientific 
Publication Date
Aug, 2017 
9814667587 or 9789814667586
1,600 Pages
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Volume 1: グラフェン量子ドットの生体医療への応用
Volume 2: 生体イメージングとがん治療のための先進ナノマテリアル
Volume 3: 骨の修復と再生のための生体活性マテリアルのデザイン

* がん治療に最適な生分解性および光熱性の高い新しい材料をカバーしている。
* ニューロン修復など最近の幹細胞研究の重要事項を取り上げている
* 非常に低レベルのウィルスおよびがん細胞の検出を可能にする最新のナノテクノロジーに焦点を当てている。臨床的に実行可能なポータブルな装置を使用して紹介。

Donglu Shi博士は現在、シンシナティ大学の材料科学と工学プログラムの議長を務め、Nano LIFEの編集長、Materials Science&Engineering:CとJ、 Nanomaterialsの編集長を歴任している。博士はDistinguished Engineering Researcher Award、SIGMA XI Research Recognition Award、Honor Roll Professor Award、Neil Wandmecher Teaching Awardを受賞。博士の主な関心事項は医療分野のナノ構造設計で、最近の研究では、がん細胞とナノ粒子の間の表面電荷の差に基づいて、バイオマーカーのないがん細胞標的化および光熱死滅における新規なアプローチを先駆けて進めている。博士はまた、ゲノムによる精密医療の重要なステップである固有の磁性ナノ多孔質送達システムを介して、マイクロRNA置換療法に関する研究に参加している。


Volume 1: Synthesis and Biomedical Applications of Graphene Quantum Dots (Maoquan Chu):
Properties and Synthesis Strategies of Graphene Quantum Dots (Jiajia Zhang and Hongbin Lu)
Synthesis and Amino-Functionalization of the Graphene Quantum Dots (Limin Dong and Kejia Wu)
Plasmons in Graphene Quantum Dots (Haifeng Yin)
Application of Graphene Quantum Dots in Medical and Pharmaceutical Analyses (Xiaolei Zhang, Jing Wang and Gongjun Yang)
Graphene Quantum Dots for Food Analysis (Yongkang Ye and Xiaodong Cao)
Fluorescent Graphene Quantum Dots for Bioimaging (Shuhua Li, Zetan Fan, Fanglong Yuan and Louzhen Fan)
Graphene Quantum Dots for Drug Delivery (Yang Chen and Maoquan Chu)
Toxicity of Graphene Quantum Dots (Maoquan Chu)

Volume 2: Advanced Nanomaterials for Bioimaging and Cancer Therapy (Maoquan Chu):
Radiolabeled Nanoparticles for In Vivo Tumor PET Imaging (Zhen Yang, Xiao Bao and Jinliang Peng)
Measurement and Imaging of Raman Spectroscopy with Nanoparticles (Shupeng Liu, Bing Fu, Na Chen, Zhenyi Chen, Fufei Pang, Taihao Li and Tingyun Wang)
Preparation of Magnetic Iron Oxide Polymerized Nanoparticles and Their Applications in Magnetic Resonance Imaging (Chunmei Song and Zhen Wang)
Gold Nanoparticles: A Versatile Platform for Cancer Diagnosis, Imaging and Therapy (Qiang Zhang)
Graphene Quantum Dots for Bioimaging and Cancer Therapy (Xiaolei Zhang and Xiaodi Yang)
Magnetic Nanoparticles for Cancer Therapy through Magnetic Field-Mediated Mechanical Force Stimulation (Maoquan Chu)
Tumor Extracellular Acidity-Sensitive Polymeric Nanocarriers for Drug Delivery and Cancer Therapy (Wei Tao, Dongdong Li, Feng Fan, Junxia Wang, Yinchu Ma and Xianzhu Yang)
Polysaccharides-Based Polymeric Nanoparticles for Drug Delivery and Tumor Therapy (Jing Yao, Fatima Zohra Dahmani, Hui Xiong, Yan Xiao, Yuanke Li and Chenfeng Xu)
Multifunctional Nanocomplexes for Gene Transfer and Gene Therapy (Zixiu Du)
Liposomal Delivery System for Small Molecular Therapeutic Drugs (Hailing Tang and Mengjie Rui)

Volume 3: Design of Bioactive Materials for Bone Repair and Regeneration (Wei Xia and Jiang Chang):
Calcium Orthophosphate Coatings and Other Deposits (Sergey V Dorozhkin)
Biomimetic Synthesis of Nanostructured Calcium Phosphates (Wenxiao He and Martin Andersson)
Biological Effect of Ions in Calcium Phosphates on Bone Regeneration (Wei Xia, Jiang Chang and Hakan Engqvist)
Bioactive Glasses (Xiaofeng Chen and Qing Hu)
Biological Coatings for Implant Surface Modification (Youtao Xie, Kai Li and Xuebin Zheng)
Biomaterials and Biotechnologies for Treatment of Osteoporosis and Osteoporotic Injuries (Zhongru Gou, Limin Liu and Xianyan Yang)
Design of Silicate-Based Bioactive Materials for Bone Tissue Repair and Reconstruction (Haiyan Li, Lei Chen and Xin Dong)
Mechanical Properties of Brushite Calcium Phosphate Cements (Ingrid Ajaxon and Cecilia Persson)
Potential Applications of Cellulose and Its Composites in Bone Repairment and Regeneration (Ming-Guo Ma and Jie-Fang Zhu)
Bisphosphonate-Immobilized Biomaterials for Bone Engineering and Curing of Bone Diseases (Dmitri Ossipov and Sujit Kootala)
Advanced Analyses for Characterizing Bone Repair and Osseointegration (Kathryn Grandfield)






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